About Us

TAF Apparel was created in Whistler, BC, Canada year 2009 by an ambitious human with too much time on his hands. Originally created to fulfill the demand of tall hoodies in the ski and snowboard industry, TAF was strictly tall sizing for the first few years. Now our customers come from all over the world in need of some standard sized apparel, so we do that too now!

Our brand has expanded to all walks of life. Our style has been inspired by the team and customers behind TAF which consists of artists, athletes, musicians, and generally people with some sort of passion for life.

Our hoodie sizes range from S-3XLT. We make our hoodies out of water resistant polyester, that feels like cotton. Our amazing designs never crack, peel or fade. They will not shrink if you tumble dry or machine wash them. We guarantee you will be amazed with our quality or your money back.